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New Zealand Home Heating Association

The New Zealand Home Heating Association is a trade organisation, comprising mostly of NZ's leading manufacturers, retailers...

Ministry for the Environment

For an up-to-date list of Approved Woodburning appliances, check the list at...

Auckland City Council

The Auckland City Council have proposed changes to open fire and pre-2005 woodburners.   Read more here...

Forrest Paint

Hi Temp Paints used in the coating of our fireplaces...


Auckland City Council

For information on building consents for solid fuel heating appliances, read the attached pdf or follow the link to the Auckland City Council page.

EECA energywise

ENERGYWISE is EECA's consumer programme that provides information and funding for householders, so they can make the most of energy efficiency, energy conservation and renewble energy. 

Nelson City Council

Enclosed solid fuel burners cannot be installed in the Nelson Urban Areas unless they are replacing an existing lawfully instaled solid fuel burner that has not been phased out. For more information, follow the link to the Nelson City Council.


Environment Canterbury

To help improve air quality to meet National Environmental Standards, the Air Plan has rules about what types of heating can now be used or installed.  For more information, follow the link to the Ecan website.

Auckland City Council

How to apply for a building consent for solid fuel heating appliances?  And other questions relating to installation of open fires, outdoor fires etc..

 Energy Safety Service The Energy Safety Service is part of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, an operating division of the Ministry of Economic Development...
Otago Regional Council

In 2004, the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) introduced National Standards for air quality which set air pollution levels allowed in New Zealand.  Regional Councils are responsible for making sure these Standards are met by 2020.   

Outdoor fires for the cooking of food are permitted (Clause of the Otago Air Plan).

Build Waikato

Build Waikato has detailed information on everything you need to know about building in the Waikato.

National Fieldays
Auckland City Council

You can install a small heating or cooking fire on private land, if your address is in an urban area. Follow this link to check your address using the address locator. 


Wet backs can be fitted to a number of cyclinders. Check with your plumber or Water Cyclinder supplier as to the circuit.

Stonemasons In addition to rock from their own stockpile in Whitford, Auckland Stonemasons have identified a range of types and varieties from...